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Control various aspects of your life with Template Life OS, with a clean and organized interface to make your daily life easier!


Organize and plan your daily tasks, in this module you can enter your tasks and sort them by priority, viewing in weekly format, or viewing your tasks in an Eisenhower Matrix, making the management of your tasks simple and objective.


Keep your appointments organized, in this module, you can include your appointments with priority tag, in a weekly and a monthly view.


Life OS has a powerful Financial Manager to help you organize your finances, with an Expenses module, an Incomes module, an Investments module, and all organized by category and with results vs Budget graphs.


One of the most used Templates by Notion users is the Habit Tracker, and in Life OS we seek to create an organized and differentiated structure so that you can control your Habits! We have two modules, in the first module we have the habits, where you mark on each day of the week that you performed the habit, and in this module we have graphs by habit and percentage by day of the week, but it is not only that, in the second module you can classify your weeks with stars, being able to keep on a single screen an annual view of your Habit


Having a balanced and healthy life means having a good night's sleep, and Life OS helps you monitor your sleep. In this module you inform sleep goals, put the time you went to sleep and the time you woke up, then you can analyze how many hours you slept and in a graph track your performance.


Keeping a Journal can help you record your ideas and keep a balanced mind, in this module we have created a simple and objective Daily Journal method, where you can classify your day with Stars, identify your Mood, and inform with how much Energy you have, and entering into the details, you have a field to write and make important notes, such as learning of the day, gratitude, ideas and more.


Being organized and productive means having goals, and in this module we help you, here you can include your goals for the month, for the year, for the next 3 years, 5 years and, an overview of all your goals, and all with a follow-up chart.


One of the main sources of knowledge is books, whether they are non-fiction, to help you in your studies, or fiction, as a great way to relieve stress. In this module, you can control your library, registering books by category, graphically tracking your reading performance, in addition to qualifying them with stars.


Today our entertainment is based on streaming services, but our favorite movies and shows are spread over different streams, but in this module you can organize everything, by category, by streaming, assigning stars and still graphically following how many episodes of your favorite show you have already watched!


On the Life OS home screen you have a Countdown that presents when the day, week, month and year have passed, all automatic and without external links! You also have a field for your important reminders of the day, so that nothing is out of your control!

Refunds Policy: Since Notion templates are shared by being duplicated to your workspace I operate a no-returns policy on my Notion templates - any concerns please email me before Purchase at Any additional sales taxes for your country are added by Gumroad at checkout.

How to download the template: Open the template link, then click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace. If you're on mobile, click on the 3 dots menu to show the duplicate option.

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Since Notion templates are shared by being duplicated to your workspace I operate a no-returns policy on my Notion templates - any concerns please email me before Purchase at

Last updated Jun 2, 2023

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Notion Template - Life OS

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